An Aegeon Odyssey

Tale of the Deluge

None can say when the world was made, but all can tell when the world was flooded.

Rising from the depths, a Dark Being appeared and laid waste to the world. With each death it grew, until it became so massive that no mortal being of any number or ability could stand against it. Heroic figures were cast like stones as mighty civilizations came crashing down.

It was not until their followers were almost extinct did the Gods choose to intervene. In so doing they turned the mortal plane into a battlefield. Every day the world would be ripped asunder, only to shift into a new form with every passing day. Some Gods chose to shelter the remaining mortals. Some chose to fight the Dark Being. Some chose to side with the creature and fought their own creation.

In the end, the Dark Being was killed and its allies were executed. When it died, the Dark Being’s body exploded into a plume of black fire that could kill even the Gods. When all seemed lost, the Goddess of the Ocean, Aegea, cried great tears that flooded the world. Her tears snuffed the black flames, but in turn she lost her life in the process.

The remaining gods and mortals recorded the event and named it The Deluge of Renewal.

It has been many years since that climactic battle. Now the surviving mortals make their lives in the world below while the gods watch from their heavens. In remembrance of the gods who lost their lives in battle, they named the remaining landmasses after them. In remembrance of the Goddess who saved existence, they named the new world Aegeos.

And so it was written. And so life goes on.

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