Friendly, Fierce, Flood-Forged Folk Hero


Appearance: With shaggy blond hair, a bearded face, heavily tanned skin, and a powerful build, Clem doesn’t exactly blend in with a crowd. Throw in the tell-tale ears of a half-elf, and it’s not a wonder that his peers kept their distance growing up. His looks suggest a man who may start a fight for nothing more than a sideways glance, until one looks him in the eyes. Then, one can start to see the friendliness and kindness that exudes from him (at least until he rages, of course)

Background: Raised by his mother on the outskirts of a medium-sized city, Clem (short for Clemson), grew up the only child of a single mother. He refused to take either his mother or father’s surname. His father was completely absent, he only knows his last name, and that he was a traveling elf who stayed at the family farm, and taking his mother’s name only serves to remind him of his bastard status.

Only son of the only daughter of his grandfather. Raised to help around the farm, took over when his grandfather died and his uncles left to pursue a fortune.

Never really fit in, due to elven heritage. People were nice enough, but kept themselves at a distance, assuming a haughtiness that one would associate with elves. No one knew his mother was all alone by the time Clem turned 17.

When he was 18, a devastating flood hit the city, and Clem rushed toward the wreckage to help. Facing impossible swells, he discovered his ability to rage then, using his previously untapped might to save dozens from the swelling seas. Thanks to him, casualties were kept to a minimum, and he was hailed as a hero.

After that, he began to be accepted by the townsfolk, where they discovered an easygoing, charming man who was quick to make friends, and ferocious in their defense.

As his notoriety spread, he found it much easier to sell crops in the market, his personality and recognition driving many to his stall. With increased demand, he was able to hire some hands and expand the farm. His mother gained from this notoriety as well, as she met a partner in one of the men hired to look after the farm.

With his mother taken care of, Clem felt a calling to establish his independence (as many 21 year olds are wont to do). He set out for the nearby(ish) coastal city, where his reputation in tumultuous waters quickly set him up with a shipping crew. He saw little of the open ocean, but scuffles with would-be thieves, as well as the occasional belligerent adventurer, showed that he needed to learn to fight. He trained for many years, eventually earning his way into protecting ships as they traversed the sea. While there were fights, he once again became known for his heroics in saving people, his strength and agility pulling many from their almost certain death.

Clem is not what anyone would consider a devout man. As he sees it, one’s focus should be on what they can do right now, not what god they claim they can call upon. That said, he does hold respect for those who take their beliefs and make them action, paladins and healers for instance. The stories of Aegea do stand out to him, however. In her sacrifice, Clem sees a willingness to give one’s all in the face of destruction, something that speaks very deeply to him.

While destruction and chaos are obvious evils, Clem idealizes freedom and the power of the individual. Government, as far as he’s seen, has really only been responsible for the tax collector who comes around just a bit too often, and seem to ask for just a bit too much every time. Soldiers have their place, but they don’t seem to get anywhere on time. Though this sounds harsh, it’s not a big part of Clem’s life, so he doesn’t feel too strongly about the people or structures in power (they have seemed nice enough in the few small recognitions he’s gotten).

Personal relationships don’t tend to run deep with Clem, though he is quick to defend even a superficial acquaintance. It doesn’t take much to get on his good side, but any deeper has proven very difficult. He moves from ship to ship, has had some short-term lovers, and there is some he prioritizes drinking with, but there is little beyond that. He is not unhappy with this, at least for now. After years of longing for connection beyond his own mother, he is happy to have control over his relationships now, and keeping some distance allows him to maintain that control.

He can be impulsive, something that has served well when diving in the water after others, but not so well when another beer looks really good, or when someone looks threatening. Not academically the brightest bulb, but has a solid bit of practical knowledge that has served him well. Once he’s talking, he can navigate most situations, but conduct around the upper-class can catch him flat-footed, and his speech makes it impossible to mistake him for any kind of noble.

Clem’s Journal
Wait, what’s a journal? Writing down shit that happened? Sounds boring

But Really, What’s In Clem’s Head

Well, we ain’t dead

This sho’ is a funny group of travelling companions, actin like they’ve never been in some shit before. Ah well, folks have got to figure these things out for their own selves. Can’t do too much for the brooding kind I reckin, and that’s most of this group. I don’t get it though, what’s there to be mad about? Sure we went through some shit, but apparently it ain’t our time to go, and even when it is, there’s somethin’ else there too. Far as I’m concerned, we’re doin’ alright. We ain’t home, but we ain’t desolate neither. This island ain’t bad , the locals seem friendly ‘nuff, particularly that Rey’na…

Wait, what? Oh yeah

The folks ain’t bad, gotta figure this damn war or whatever, but shit, we could set something up here I s’pose. Malaphor seems keen enough on it. Or we go back home I guess, which is just fine too. I don’t know ‘bout the rest of ’em, but I signed on for a bit of adventure, and that shit sure is payin’ off now. I get feelin’ cheated by our deal, but what captain doesn’t hold things back to get you to come aboard? If everyone were honest, there’d be ’bout 3 of us on the seas.

I don’t know, I like these folks, and I’d very much prefer they not get killed by these motherfuckers. We’ll see what happens after that gets dealt with.


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