Child of Atlantis


Age: roughly 200 years, plus another 400 in stasis.

Height: 5’6"

Weight: 120-130 lbs.

Hair: long, straight, and blond.

Languages: primordial, sylvan, celestial, infernal, giant, draconic, possibly more.

Eyes: sea blue


When the party found him, he was trapped within a crystal and guarded by a broken and decrepit Iron Golem. He was resuscitated and brought back to camp.

He revealed he was trapped in the crystal by someone who wanted to keep him safe. He explained his brother Primus considered him a threat to the throne of Atlantis, which apparently was still alive and well beneath the ocean.

He seems to have been sheltered, yet skilled, as when he finished an uncharted map.

On the island of Kaho-Olawe, he willingly spoke more of his life.

He is the bastard son of Emperor Gyges and a non-highborn woman. Despite this he showed a greater aptitude for Mana than his brother.


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