Garasha Garaul



Appearance: The combination of softer features than an orc and it noticably green skin make Greta obviously a half-orc. Even when her mouth is closed, two sharp teeth from her bottom jaw are visible. Her dark brown eyes show curiosity and fascination with the world around her. Above those are a pair of eyebrows that seem to be half burned off or in the process of growing back most of the time. Fortunately, there is always a portion of them protected by the goggles that she wears. In combat, or while working, they are always on her eyes.

She is unconcerned with matters of vanity most of the time, and her hair is generally swept up into a messy bun or held back by a bandana. Sometimes you will see something like a screwdriver or a pen serving as a hair pin. Her lab gear doubles as armor and protection from chemicals. Gloves and long sleeves reduce the risk of coming in contact with corrosive materials. They also serve the purpose of hiding what can only be described as splotches of medium-toned human colored skin that dapple across her torso, arms, and thighs. This is something that she was bullied for as a child, and one of her insecurities.

If anyone paid enough attention to her, they would be able to tell that she is ambidextrous. Both hands are equally steady, so with her satchel that she uses to make compounds in the middle of battle it could be on either side for instance.

Personality: Greta knows what most people would think of a half-breed like her. While it isn’t something that can make her angry or rile her up, it does motivate her to prove them wrong and be better than they are. She tries her best to not fall into that frame of mind herself (when dealing with different types of people) by asking them a lot of questions. While the answers that she might receive are helpful, she believes that cause and effect is the best way to learn about someone.

She has a very technical mind and is always thinking of how to improve on something that already exists, or to create a new and better result. On her downtime she can always be found working on something.

Greta is prideful of her creations and it is hard for her to be humble. If it’s something that she worked hard on, she wants acknowledgement of how good it is, and how talented she is.



Oberan: Some might find a personality such as Oberan’s to be off-putting or jarring, but this type of person is nothing new to Greta. She enjoys their shared appreciation of knowledge and new discoveries, as well as a shared willingness to question the way things are and make them better. She could easily see herself working with him in the future. She trusts him enough to hand him her alchemist’s satchel which is one of her most treasured possessions.

Yashiera: Greta often struggles to see eye to eye with her. She admires her talents and resolve. It would take a special kind of person to go through what she did and not be crippled by it. Current events have suggested that the aasimar knows exactly how to push her buttons and get her flustered. In light of all of this, she could see a friendship forming. She thinks that Yashiera dies not give herself enough credit for her accomplishments and abilities.

Malopher: Malopher is a mystery to Greta, she finds that he is very hard to read. Most of the things he does is either a surprise or unexpected, and she is learning to work with that. She has seen his good ideas in practice but she doesn’t want to admit yet that they might be better than her own ideas.

Clem: Greta believes that she shares some sort of understanding with Clem as a fellow half-breed. She really wishes that he wouldn’t be so reckless all of time. She couldn’t understand why he would jump into the ocean to save them, as she probably would not have done the same at the time. He seems like someone that she could count on to be trustworthy.

Earen: It seems like the Atlantean is just as much of a victim of circumstance as the rest of the group. She has only known him during times of danger. Without him, the group might not have survived the shipwreck even after they had to make a choice to carry on. Greta hopes to learn about the technology that his society uses, but has not had the right opportunity do ask him yet.

Garasha Garaul

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