Malopher O'Lak

Entrepreneur with the Devil's Tongue


Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 160-170 lbs
Age: 22

Race: Tiefling, variant: Feral and Devil’s Tongue
Background: Urchin/Sailor hybrid
Class: Rogue
Subclass: Swashbuckler

“Let’s make a deal…..”

If the pair of curved ram’s horns and long, slender forked tail weren’t the first thing you noticed about Malopher… his dark blue skin and piercing orange cat-like eyes are easily the next.
A citizen of The Commonwealth for his entire life, but the last few years he’s traveled throughout it extensively as part of his employment and apprenticeship to a man, known to Malopher, only as Petrovus.


Orphaned by his parents almost immediately after birth, Malopher spent most of his early childhood living in an orphanage in the poorest and shadiest part of Du’Lac. Being born a tiefling, and a particularly strange one at that, gave him little chance at being “rescued” and adopted into a more regular family.

With adoption out of the question, and local businesses refusing to hire him for child labor, the only way that young Malopher could make money for the orphanage was as a mule for drugs, money, and other less than legal objects. When the ring was eventually exposed, the owners of the orphanage scattered, trying to evade capture from the police. Most were arrested, and the orphanage was promptly shutdown.

In the aftermath, Malopher once again fell through the cracks. While other children were placed into foster-style care or shipped to another orphanage, Malopher was left to fend for himself on the cobblestone streets. There he stuck to he knew best, petty theft: swiping food to eat, goods to sell, and cutting purses from distracted aristocrats. Malopher gained intimate knowledge of the dark and dirty alleyways and sewers of his city, and learned just as well what the inside of a cell looked like. No job has a 100% success rate, after all.

But it wasn’t the legal system that turned Malopher’s life around, but instead being caught by a slightly more observant merchant in a large red coat. Instead of turning him in to the authorities which would have been the smart decision he took Malopher in and started to groom him, not as a son but as an apprentice. This man, Petrovus, was the owner/founder of a small freight and storage company in Freeport and it was here wehere Malopher learned the business from the ground up. From loading and unloading, to logistics and financing.

Malopher O'Lak

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