Seeker of Power


Oberan is a handsome human male with quick sharp features, a slender frame, sea green eyes, shoulder-length brown hair either in a ponytail or lose, and a fine-groomed beard with threads of red.

He wears his weathered dark brown, long-sleeved, hooded cloak whose tail comes down to his upper calves, which he tries to keeps in good condition. Unlike the traditional scholar wearing long robes, he prefers to dress as an adventurer. He wears a off white open neck shirt with a harness over it, dark trousers with weathered knee high dark leather adventurer’s boots finished by a leather belt to which his spell component pouch and other pouches are affixed to. As a scholar he carries numerous satchels all around him.

His clothing is kept simple with no particular markings save for one…a small broken silver sparrow pendant pinned to over his left breast, kept hidden by the hood collar.

Oberan is very intelligent, arrogant and extremely ambitious. His craving for knowledge and power coupled with his obsession of the arcane, has led him to become an adventurer after his brief time as a researcher. As a pragmatic man, he truly believes the ends often justify the means, especially when it comes to the arcane arts.

While ruthless in his pursuit of power, he holds to a code of conduct which repays all debts and protects those disadvantaged through no fault of their own.


Born in the district of Halfholm in Freehold to two loving, but poor parents, Oberan desired more than what he was given. At an early age he developed a talent for the arcane, which caught the eye of some local folks. Through a combination of marvelous fortune, strenuous study and determination, led him to meet a benefactor who provided access to the Iron Citadel through the sponsor system.

Entering the citadel at ten years old he quickly found himself being ostracized by his classmates due to his low income status. They regarded him as a charity case and not worth of the opportunity. In the face of this adversity his resolve never wavered, by studying harder and excelling above each task set before him he was quickly recognized as one of the youngest prodigies by the faculty at large. His determination eventually lead him to become the apprentice of Theldoran the Wise, an illustrious scribe and archmage.

Despite all the recognition for his accomplishments he grew more and more frustrated. Oberan felt his talents were being wasted, confined to the citadel’s walls. He yearned to go out and find the knowledge that laid in the unexplored. Though his heart was set in leaving, he followed his master’s wishes and remained, becoming a full fledge scribe of the Iron Citadel. This would not last.

Already an outspoken critic of the methods and rigid traditions he set out to see if he could change them from the inside. After his first year he worked tirelessly on a proposal in order to reform the citadel’s practices while researching tomes on other islands, continents and theories of what was beyond in order to enhance his plea. Sadly his proposal fell on deaf ears, but his findings embolden his resolve to not become another casualty of their archaic practices.

Resigning his research position he left the citadel, got rid of most of his belongings and opted to become an adventurer in order to find his own answers. For the last 3 years he’s worked in different ships providing magical services to those who would pay him while working on his own research.


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