Yasheira Kulenov

Aasimar Aegeon Sorceress

Yashiera__2_.jpg She has long blonde hair with a natural wave to it with piercing blue eyes slight luminescence to them and a faint glow makes her Aasimar heritage plain to see. Yasheira's skin is very pale but does not seem to sunburn or tan. Her face has a very exotic beauty to it that does draw a bit of attention despite her planetouched nature. Of particular note is the tattoos she bears just below her hairline and the shifting of her hair in the wind make it apparent they continue over her head, A series of symbols emerge from her hair and continue down her neck, at times when her clothes shift it becomes evident the tattoos mark her entire body. On occasion it seems out of the corner of one's eye that they shift and take up a new arrangement or alter to be a different symbol. The runes are all in different shades of blue and seem to flow in and out of themselves. As she uses her magical gifts the runes illuminate and energy pulses through them to form the spell. Recently she found out they are tracing her natrual flows of magic throughout her body. When she lets her power fully flow large ethereal blue wings appear at her back and her eyes become as shining sapphires.

Her clothing is very simple and although in good condition they are not ornate or advertise any signs of wealth. a dark blue cloak with the hood usually up is on her back and a pathetically empty pack appears to hold her only possessions.

When speaking to her she is very cautious and a little skittish. Yasheira seems resigned to receiving abuse for her obvious planetouched nature, she knows to avoid trouble and just accepts that this is her lot in life even when captains cheat her out of her wages or townsfolk talk or throw things at her. She becomes much more at ease when on a ship although the discrimination tend to continue.

Yasheira is very pragmatic and a survivor allowing her to overcome the tragedies of her past and move forward.

She is quite obviously foreign to the region with a very strange accent Yasheira also has many strange customs that seem out of place and continue to mark her as a stranger in these lands. One thing people find odd of is she is well educated and literate which seems unusual for somebody working manual labor on ships.

I have put my past behind me so that I may have a future.

- Yasheira


The daughter of a wealthy merchant Wilruth and his wife Menna, she lived a mostly sheltered life in a town where her father ran his business. Her older brother Nathen worked for their father and had a young wife. Although she was Aasimar she was mostly accepted in the town, helped in no small part to her assistance with her mother’s charity work. Yasheira was very happy and was even getting suitors although most she rejected out of hand when she figured out they were more interested in her dowry and eventual inheritance than her.

Everything ended on one night soon after she turned 18. Barbarian raiders of an unknown brutish race launched an attack on the town cutting down any who tried to escape. Yasheira’s family was forced with everybody else and separated, Yasheira ended up in the group they were taking as slaves. The rest were forced into the church, the doors were shut and flaming pitch was thrown in and on it. They looted and burned all of the houses and shops and then took the slaves to the boats.

Assuming a life of slavery was in store for her she was surprised when after a journey of several weeks they were instead taken to and decrepit castle and locked in the dungeon. Every so often the guards would take one or two out and take them away, they never came back. Eventually Yasheira was grabbed and taken to the higher floors, stripped and strapped to a bloodstained table in a strange lab.

The owner of the castle came around carrying an alchemical concoction and stopped. She had heard of such creatures, a Lich. He carefully examined her then called to the guards who took her away into a close by area where she was locked away in a different cell. The other prisoners she saw were a horror show. Some had limbs missing, some had different limbs attached, one man she recognized from her hometown was laying on the ground with foam coming out of his mouth and clawing bloody furrows in his stomach. She soon found out that the Lich was using them as test subjects though for what was unknown since none of it seemed to make sense.

She was brought back to the lab and the Lich began placing crystals around her before using a strange wand to touch her. Anywhere the rod touched she instantly felt incredible pain. He kept doing this for almost an hour before stopping and directing the guards to take her back. As they dragged her out she could see the crystals glowing with a bright light.

Eventually she figured out that she was different than the other test subjects, the Lich was using her as a conduit to harvest celestial energy. One of the other prisoners told her he was using it to power strange contraptions that he was testing on people. She was taken out daily to be harvested and the Lich had no emotion, treating her like an animal. After a short time he had all of her hair shaved and began placing tattoos on her from her head to her feet. The purpose of these she realized was to help him draw more from her and torture her at the same time by activating the profane runes. She spent three years a captive of this Lich who she never found out the name to. She tried pleading, offering her servitude and even herself to no avail, the Lich was devoid of all human emotion.

Over time she saw the remaining townsfolk cycle through, when the Lich was through with them or they had died. The guards dragged the bodies down the hall laughing. As people came through who she did not know she realized she was the last of her town alive since they always emptied out a cell down below before pulling from the next..

Yasheira was always very pragmatic and rather than giving up completely she began trying to use her Aasimar powers. She began meditating to try and control it but it was elusive, however she began to feel something else, something that ebbed and flowed like ocean waves. She could feel it and it felt comforting, almost warm, as she continued to explore this feeling she began to be able to sense the runes and began trying to control them. Eventually over time she didn’t learn how to control them but did learn how to dampen them. As an act of rebellion she began slowing them down when she was brought before the Lich. The Lich eventually came to the conclusion that he had burned her out and ordered the guards to dispose of her. She didn’t know what that entailed but was of the mind that she would rather die than continue to suffer for the rest of her life. They brought her past the cells to a well and easily took her and threw her in. Her scream was cut short as she hit the sea water and barely was able to grab a lung full of air before the undertow overpowered her.

This well was a deep underwater chasm that the sea water past through and the castle used as a garbage disposal since the other end came out on the far side of the island nearly a mile offshore.

Yasheira panicked at first as her lungs burned and she was battered through the passage by the water but she suddenly felt serene as she accepted her fate. Something seemed to be calling her, comforting her, she didn’t know if it was the sea or if it was angels but it felt like it was coming from within her and she reached for it, welcoming it, it was the same feeling she got when she was meditating. Suddenly she felt overwhelmed and an explosion of power as her Aasimar powers came full awake, she gasped and took in a lungful of water at the same time, but even as she felt herself about to choke something changed and she didn’t choke and instead found she could breathe. The rush of water had stopped and she was out in the ocean, glowing blue ethereal wings were behind her and she could feel the full power manifest itself. Feeling a twinge she looked down at the tattoos and saw them moving, reforming into different shapes, they changed color as well from black to a lighter blue. Marveling at what had happened she returned to the surface and discovered she could move easily through the water as she could walk. Magic tingled at her fingertips.

Not seeing any other islands she made her way back to the shore and hid herself. After many days she got lucky and discovered a trading ship that had stopped to stock up on fresh water and fruits only to be attacked by a party of the barbarians. Rushing in she let loose and proceeded to turn the tide of battle back in the sailors favor. When the barbarians were all dead she warned the captain of the dangers and begged to go with them. Seeing that she had helped save them they took her with them. They gave her some spare clothing since she hadn’t had anything to wear in three years. She asked to help out and assisted them in the day to day running of the ship. They were all grateful to her for having saved them on the beach and directing them away from a death trap. Yasheira realized she had nothing to return to and continued traveling with the captain and crew for over a year learning the ropes and tasks of running a ship. She began to have daydreams of one day owning her own ship to be truly free.

However all good things come to an end. They had reached a port at the edge of the commonwealth and were accosted by a group of dock thugs pressing them for payment to use the docks. Words were exchanged and a fight broke out. Suddenly threatened Yasheira pulled her dagger and wielded her magic to defend herself. Knocking a couple into the water the rest scattered as the city guard showed up. Having exposed herself as an unlicensed spell caster she was taken into custody and the captain and crew were ordered to finish their business and leave port. She briefly told the captain who she considered a friend that she would be okay and wished him safe travels. She wept as she watched them make preparations to depart and she was taken to the court house. There they sentenced her to public humiliation for a day and then being forced to leave. She bore it stoically even when the thugs she fought against taunted her, she had after all suffered through much worse.

Her belongings were returned to her, surprisingly nothing had been taken from her and she was brought on board another trade vessel to travel a week to a different island. Upon reaching that island she knew she had to find a way to survive and began looking for any paying jobs that would keep her near the sea. Yasheira ended up working on various ships moving from port to port. Sometimes she traveled with a crew for several voyages or on some long runs to various places. A few times she got taken advantage of and captains screwed her over on pay and laughed knowing she had no way to go to the authorities. The guards would take their word over her own as a planetouched in most places and she had to bear it and move on.

Yasheira had lost everything, her family, the town she lived in, her inheritance, her peaceful life, and everybody who she had ever known and was thrust into the absolute lowest rung of society, completely destitute and left to fend for herself. She grew accustomed to the stares , the whispers and occasional bad interactions.

It has been 4 years since her escape from slavery. She finished mourning her lost family while a prisoner and resolved to put her past behind her so that she could have a future. The past held nothing for her anymore.

Recent Events
Initially skeptical of the job for Captain Rudolf Ron Rosetta she took it on and is both pleased with the pay as well as worried about what it entails. Her companions are a strange group and some like Oberan shocked her with his actions buying for her and equipment pack with the words “Its about time somebody gave you a break”.

Clem tried to save her when the riptide pulled her away and after she extricated herself from the pull she bore witness to the skeletal body of a kraken and the remnants of an entire fleet that had fought it. Although he was unsuccessful she still feels gratitude for his attempt, as foolish as it was.

As they entered into Kraken’s cove she felt a tone that resonated with her, the same sensation that she felt when drowning and her powers manifesting. The necklace they found also resonated with her with the same tone.

Encountering the entrapped EƤren Yasheira could feel pull from the necklace before they released him from his prison and he in turn told her briefly that the markings on her body were mapping out her entire arcane pathways and that her magic was Aegeon in nature.

As time has passed she has become much more comfortable and during the victory celebration with the Sevar and Hanali she felt safe and comfortable enough to let down her guard for the evening and made a new friend in the Sevar cleric.


Clem’s friendly and outgoing nature was at first a little confusing but she warmed up to him easily. His warm demeanor and calm tone in difficult times has lead her to trust him and she finds him calming to be around. Yashiera trusts him to have her back especially after his foolhardy attempt to save her from the magical current.

Even being another planetouched she feels ill at ease with him. Malopher seems to keep too many secrets and she does not trust that he is ever telling the full truth. This makes her very cautious about his motivations and intentions.

Another enigma who seems to have his own secrets and intentions. Admittedly he appears to be quite capable and very intelligent which is a bit intimidating given she does not understand the arcane arts that she herself uses. Almost a bit too pragmatic she is cautious about him despite his earlier assistance before they set out on this journey. With his skill and abilities in addition to being presumably a licensed mage she wonders what caused him to take on such a dangerous job when he could easily find employ anywhere in the commonwealth.

Greta seems to be very awkward dealing with people and prefers to be lost in her own thoughts and engineering of devices that are quite beyond Yasheira’s understanding. One thing Yasheira does know however is how to push some buttons and had some fun with Greta that also helped her connect with the young drow boy who was trying to get her attention. She seems friendly and Yasheira would like to get to know her a bit better.

Yasheira Kulenov

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