Calendar of the Commonwealth

The world of Aegeon follows a simple pattern:

  • 5 days to a week
  • 6 weeks to a month
  • 12 months to a year
  • An additional 5 days at the end of the year.

This altogether makes up 365 days a year.

The five days of the week are as follows:

  • Day of the Sun (1st Day)
  • Day of the Moon (2nd Day)
  • Day of the Ocean (3rd Day)
  • Day of the Land (4th Day)
  • Day of the Sky (5th Day)

The weeks are simply refereed to in number, and do not have a nomenclature associated with them.

The month’s names are borrowed from the Abraxian, Zareish, Novarre, and Myrrish Calendars.

They are names as follows


  • Sciurio – Month of the Sun
  • Priovio – Month of Tempests and Rain
  • Ventuvio – Month of Winds and Flowers


  • Junerra – Month of Warmth and Longer Days
  • Jularra – Month of Freedom and Seafaring
  • Gustenna – Month of Merchants and Trading


  • Autumnos – Month of the Moon
  • Harvestos – Month of Harvests and Crops
  • Friostos – Month of Taxes and Preparation


  • Cemberi – Month of Cold and Shorter Days
  • Yanveri – Month of Homesteading and Hard Times
  • Fevreri – Month of Song and Stories

*Year’s End: The last week of the year. Celebrated across the Commonwealth in various ways.

Calendar of the Commonwealth

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