Commonwealth of Nations


No Man Is An Island, No Sea Is A Barrier
-The New Commonwealth Motto

Founded: 1025 Post-Diluvian

Size: Roughly 1.5 Million Square Miles

Population: Roughly 3.5 Million

Demonym: Commonman

Countries: 4 Sovereign Nations, 6 Affiliated Nations, Roughly 10 more with limited Recognition.

The Commonwealth refers to the nations in Aegeos that have unified under a common yet separate banner. Each nation within the commonwealth has signed an agreement to allow open trade between one another’s borders. So far the commonwealth consists of over 10 different Island nations.

Nations within the Commonwealth and their Affiliations.

Abraxus – The Theocracy of Epa

  • Hecata: An island known for their fertile lands and produce.
  • Zhelezo: A large jutting mountain Island run by dwarves.

Zarellia – The Empire under Umi

  • Al’At: One of the Zarellian Colonies.
  • Al’Uza: One of the Zarellian Colonies
  • Ma’Nat: One of the Zarellian Colonies.

Nova – The Reclaimed Kingdom

  • Lakeron: One of Nova’s Northern Islands
  • Pandoran: One of Nova’s Northern Islands
  • Casperon: The “Bridge Island” between Nova and Cardinal
  • Aracon: The “Bridge Island” between Nova and Abraxus
  • Zaneran: The “Bridge Island” Between Nova and Zarellia

The Cardinals – The Heart of the Commonwealth

  • North: Island home to the Dolfore and Lothair Family. It is the trading hub of the entire Commonwealth, and one of the most politically established areas. Most meetings held in the Cardinals are held here.
  • East: Island home to the Quenelle and Lancaster family. Known for being the hub of all trade, banks, and jobs. The white collar occupational hub.
  • West: Island home to the Palorao family. It is the place most famous for its various docks, shipwrights, and museums.
  • South: Island home to the Rosetta, Ferementti, and Aquillar family. Known for its beautiful open landscapes and fields, as well as its fertile land and diverse crops.
  • Central: Referred to as “The Eye of the World” and is home to several ruins of Atlantian origin. Is home to the highest point in the cardinals: A ruin known as the Apex, where one can see the horizon in a perfect 360 degrees with minimal interference, as well as a map of the region in perfect condition.

Rivough – The Breadbasket of the Commonwealth

A chain of islands owned by the Merchant King and head of the Doromago Merchant’s Guild: Clinton Leyland V. His lands are very fertile and mostly unurbanized save for the city of Highfield.

The Fishhook – Land of Migrants

The Fishhook refers to three islands in the south east of the commonwealth known as “Trout,” “Fishhook,” and “Tuna” respectively. These islands are mostly inhabited by Migrants or criminals fleeing their past and as such has a low reputation among the Commonmen as “A hive of crime and villainy.” It is held together by the Feroxi Clan, the last remnants of the Thracian Warlords as well as Zarellian Intervention.

Thracian Islands

Once the home to the powerful Thracian kingdoms, these islands now exist as a dualistic kingdom where the Great Lord is determined via the Great trials every year. The West is currently run by Rurik Petrova, and the Petrova Family with ties to the Abraxus Theocracy. The East is a run by Orhan Hatun and the Hatun Family, with ties to the Zarellian Empire.


An Abraxian colony, Tapux is a nation known for its strategic placing between Nova and Abraxus, and was hotly contested during the Eclipse War. It is now home to many Yonaleylan Monasteries, as well as a place where many Abraxian Soldiers are trained within the rocky, unforgiving Reach.


A Zarellian Colony that was hotly contested during the Eclipse War. It eventually won its independence. despite this it is an unforgiving island with poor land and soil. It is, however rich in minerals, heavy metals, and valuable gems, making it indispensable to both Nova and Zarellia. Currently the homestead of the Black River Co.

Independent Island Nations

Refers to nations or people who are part of the commonwealth but their lands are smaller than the four larger nations. These islands and lands are often sovereign in their own right but are tangentially related to the Commonwealth and are considered within commonwealth territory.

Koeca – The Halfling Lands

Vomlos – The Yonaleylan Theocracy

Knir – The Southern King’s Lands

Bilgewater – An island on the Outer Rim of the Commonwealth

Meltica – The Stone Islands


Commonwealth of Nations

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