Commonwealth of Nations

No Man Is An Island, No Sea Is A Barrier
-The New Commonwealth Motto

Founded: 1025 Post-Diluvian

Size: Roughly 1.5 Million Square Miles

Population: Roughly 3.5 Million

Demonym: Commonman

Countries: 4 Sovereign Nations, 6 Affiliated Nations, Roughly 10 more with limited Recognition.

The Commonwealth refers to the nations in Aegeos that have unified under a common yet separate banner. Each nation within the commonwealth has signed an agreement to allow open trade between one another’s borders. So far the commonwealth consists of over 10 different Island nations.

Nations within the Commonwealth and their Affiliations.

Abraxus – The Theocracy of Epa

  • Hecata: An island known for their fertile lands and produce.
  • Zhelezo: A large jutting mountain Island run by dwarves.

Zarellia – The Empire under Umi

  • Al’At: One of the Three Sister’s
  • Al’Uza: One of the Three Sister’s Islands
  • Ma’Nat: One of the Three Sister’s Islands

Nova – The Reclaimed Kingdom

  • Lakeron: One of Nova’s Northern Islands
  • Pandoran: One of Nova’s Northern Islands
  • Casperon: The “Bridge Island” between Nova and Cardinal
  • Aracon: The “Bridge Island” between Nova and Abraxus
  • Zaneran: The “Bridge Island” Between Nova and Zarellia

Cardinal – The Heart of the Commonwealth

Independent Island Nations

Refers to nations or people who are part of the commonwealth but their lands are smaller than the four larger nations.

Koeca – The Halfling Lands

Vomlos – The Yonaleylan Theocracy

Knir – The Southern King’s Lands

Bilgewater – An island on the Outer Rim of the Commonwealth

Meltica – The Stone Islands


Commonwealth of Nations

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