History (Timeline)

The Antidilluvian

Unknown – -1 Antidilluvian

-The World is Created. The Gods exist. Life inhabits the world.

-The Great Beast Awakens

-The Great Beast swallows Adonai, the first deicide.

-The Godstorm War begins. Gods choose to fight the beast, join it, or protect the mortals.

-The Great Beast is killed. It sets the world ablaze.

-Aegea sacrifices herself. Cries great tears that flood the world and douse the flames.

Post Dilluvian

The Beginning of a New Age

- 0 Postdilluvian (PD) – circa 50 PD

— the mortals remain in their sanctuaries while the Godstorm quells.

- Circa 50 PD – Circa 175 PD

— small excursions from the sanctuaries occur. Guided by the sun and moon the wayfarers and pathfinders return with knowledge of the outside.

— Gyges is born. Qui’Mararu is born.

-Circa 176 PD – Circa 200 PD

— Gyges sets sail with the greatest ship ever built: The Pathfinder Arc

— Qui’Mararu steals the “light” from the sanctuaries. Everyone is forced aboard the Pathfinder Arc to survive.

— People set sail to explore Aegeon. They use the stars plotted by Gyges and his crew to find their way.

Atlantis, the first empire.

-Circa 300 PD – 523 PD, Eclipse Month, 23rd day.

— Gyges had two children: Timaeus and Criteus.

— Timaeus took to conquering and uniting the scattered people of the world. Criteus took to knowledge and building a strong nation.

— The two ruled for years. They created an Empire that spanned the globe. They recreated magic and invoked the powers of the gods. They commanded great and amazing powers. The founded the floating island of Atlantis, atop the sea of Mu, as the seat of their power.

— One day the city of Atlantis fell. The wonderous machines and magic that powered the world died the world fell into darkness.

The Dark Ages

- 526 PD – 723 PD

— No recorded history

The New Kingdoms

-723 PD – 966 PD

— 750 PD Theocracy of Epä is reformed on a western island.

—790 PD Kingdom of Novandis established north of the Cardinals. Queen Neoma I is established.

-797 PD founding of the city Coronus by followers of the Sun God Epä. Father Abrofor and Father Canaxus as the heads of the Reformed Church of Epä. Theocracy of Abraxus officially founded and taken root.

—835 PD Disputes between heirs causes Novandis to split. The eastern Half of the kingdom is split into many different countries.

—852 PD Followers of the Church of Umí come from beyond the Fog. Help restablish order and hope between the splintered islands.

—964 PD Abraxus ships besiege and destroy the city of Freeport. Radiance Lucianus IX declares a crusade against the Kingdom of Novandis. The War of First Light begins.

The Holy Wars

-966 PD – 1024 PD

—966 PD King Novandis II and his son are betrayed by General Judecca and slain. General Judecca claims control over Novandis in the name of Abraxus.

—970 PD Zarellia unifies under Empress Celena Rosalina I. Declares war on the rest of Novandis.

—975 PD Iron Citadel is founded. Only devout followers of Epä are allowed access.

—982 PD Zarellia and Abraxus declare war. The Holy War begins.

—992 PD The Sundering Veil makes their appearance. Declaring themselves a force against the Abraxus empire.

—999 PD Avinder, bearer of the mark of the Novandis bloodline, is born.

—1016 PD Avinder and the Sundering Veil depose General Judecca and win back control over the island. Avinder takes his position as the rightful King, but redubs the nation Novast.

—1017 PD Various islands rebel against the Zarellian Empire and the Abraxus Theocracy.

—1020 PD Radiance Lucianus XI declares the crusade over. Empress Lunara I declares the war to have ended.

The New Commonwealth

-1025 PD – 1055 PD

—1025 PD Within the Eye of the World, the 20 nations gathered to agree upon a new society that would work to rebuild one another. 20 nations, represented by their monarchs, and witnessed by 20 of their trusted confidants, created the Treaty of Commons.

—1030 PD the Commonwealth is born, consisting of 10 nations, all of which agree to trade, commerce, and united goals.

-1050 PD Oro Jackson is born

—1055 White Sun, Doromago, Black River, Pacificos, and Heirloom Trading Compnies create the “Merchant Guild Coalition.”

The Era of Voyagers

-1055 PD – Present Day

-1080 Gunpowder is discovered by a follower of Yonaleyla.

-1081 PD the famed Brigand Captain Oro Jackson returns from afar. Spreads wonderful tales of lands beyond the Commonwealth. Inspired by his stories people of various walks of life take to the seas in hopes of discovering these treasures.

-1090 PD Rudolf Ron Rosetta is born

-1091 PD Alaric Ron Dolforé is born

-1093 PD Cathelen Ron Dolforé is born

-1095 PD Caleb Ron Dolforé is born

-1096 PD Mariana Elacosa is Born

-1100 PD the Enlightenment Movement begins.

-1101 PD Clem is Born.

-1105 Oberon is Born.

-1130 Captain Rudolf Ron Rosetta puts out a notice for a job.

History (Timeline)

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